DMP OPIDoR (DMP pour une Optimisation du Partage et de l’Interopérabilité des Données de la Recherche) will help French researchers to write Data Management Plans.

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DoRANum / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 FR

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  • The information collected that concerns you will be processed and is destined for the Inist-CNRS (UPS76) and the correspondent for Computing and Liberties (CIL). For the following goal: management of user accounts. The recipients of this data are the administrators of the Inist-CNRS. The duration of conservation of the data is 5 years following the last login.

    You have the right of access, of correction, of portability, or of removal of this data, or of a limitation of their processing. You can oppose the processing of the data that concerns you and you have the right to withdraw your agreement at any time, by contacting: info-opidor@inist.fr. You can also direct a complaint at a controlling body.